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1. Ends and Beginnings.

2. Welfare Revisited.

3 Saddlery: Why do we need alternatives?

4 The Horse's Back.

5. Starting the Young Horse.

6. Whisperers revisited.

7. Gelding - the question of castration.

8. Welfare.

9. Why farriers hit horses.

10. Introduction to Horse Behavior and Psychology.

11. The origins of horse whispering.

12. Dominance and the Horse.

13. The Stallion.

14. Exogamy.

15. An Ethologist’s approach to Natural Horsemanship.

16. Bitless, Treeless and Barefoot.

17. The Horse and the 22nd Sense.

18. The Arabian.

19. An Introduction to E.Caballus.

20. An 'Industry' Stallion's Story.

21. PTSD and the Horse.

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Breeds of the Horse.

The Horse in Work.